June 30, 2015

By creating the first two objects, backpacks Aviator PH-1 and Aviatrix PH-2, Moreca Atelier narrates its vision of how the objects from the world of Connie could have looked if the aircraft had survived the coming of the jet aviation era and had become an irreplaceable companion of the modern globetrotter.


The first object from the Phoenix Super Сonstellation GT world is a backpack for a gentleman, Aviator PH-1. Object №1 is justly the most sophisticated product in their history. It took Moreca Atelier almost two years from creating the concept to realization of the finished product and creating its world. Aviator PH-1 consists of 98 details. Each of them is assembled in the process consisting of 370 operations, starting from the moment of selecting leather to packing the finished product in its presentation box.

The materials for the backpack are delivered from 5 countries: Italy, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine and Germany. Its construction is based on a steamer bag design, one of the oldest and the most interesting form factors of bags, when the straps fix the flap lock. The backpack features a main general compartment with an inner pocket, and an inner hidden pocket, which can be accessed from the back. All inside surfaces of the backpack are made of natural suede.

Each detail of the backpack imitates certain features of the Phoenix Super Constellation GT aircraft, be it the embossed pattern of the original turbines and nacelle elements at a scale of 1:280 around its all studs, the tail numbers of the aircraft marked on the hangtags and the additional elements of package, or its wing lines revealed by the flap or the contours of inner pockets. The rear of the backpack is worth to be given special attention. The anatomical back features quilting technique, replicating shapes and lines of the shock-absorbing cushions on aircraft armchairs, developed by them for the cockpit of the Phoenix Super Constellation GT.

Special vegetable tanned leather, curried in a peculiar way for natural aging effect, was developed for creating Object №1. It is treated with chestnut and mimosa extract, dried in a natural way, and polished with amber stone. The backpack’s lining is superior quality natural suede, and almost all its metal accessories (hardware) are made by hand of nickel-plated brass, epitomizing metal of aircraft covering. All these components are assembled by-hand during 50 hours to finally get the backpack worthy of Howard Hughes. Each backpack has a unique serial number and a product data sheet. There are 99 pieces of Aviator PH-1 in this leather and hardware type.



The second object from the Phoenix Super Сonstellation GT world is a backpack for a lady, Aviatrix PH-2, and has similar properties and craftsmanship like the former.

Moreca is an Atelier of Oleg and Anton Duma brothers specializing in creating limited edition high-end objects on the interface between art and craftsmanship. Centered around a simple and at the same time profound idea — gathering a team of dreamers, artists and talented professionals in one place, to develop and create unusual theme worlds and objects which incarnate them in the material world. Production assets and head office of Moreca Atelier are housed in a re-equipped building of an old furniture factory, founded 1947, in Kiev (Ukraine).