November 26, 2015

Hong Kong’s award-winning and most dynamic specialty coffee concept The Coffee Academïcs is going global; setting its sights on Singapore, as the location of its first international outlet. Opening its doors early December 2015, the new 3,000 sq. ft. flagship Singapore outlet will occupy an exclusive Orchard Road address on the second level of Scotts Square, within On Pedder’s luxurious boutique, Pedder on Scotts.

Set to take Singapore’s coffee culture by storm, The Coffee Academïcs is pioneering a new wave of coffee outlets where boundaries are pushed, blends are perfected and beans are brought to flavourful life, all within the most stylish and social of café backdrops.


Visionary entrepreneur and jet-setting coffee aficionado, Jennifer W.F. Liu launched the concept in Hong Kong in November 2012. Three years on, The Coffee Academïcs operates five thriving Hong Kong outlets, a prestigious roasting academy and certified training centre. The opening of the Singapore flagship store marks an exciting development in the brand’s international expansion.

Leading up to the grand opening of the latest extension of The Coffee Academïcs brand, a pop up coffee kiosk has been set up at the Scotts Square store front to offer coffee enthusiasts a taste of what is to come.

Each of the brand’s outlets has a distinct personality; designed and curated to echo the essence of its neighbourhood, yet stand out from the crowd. This shines through in everything, from the stylish décor and exclusive coffee machines, to the revolving music playlists and reading selections.

The design for Singapore’s flagship outlet is the brainchild of The Coffee Academïcs’ very own in- house design team, with founder Jennifer Liu providing the creative direction for the brand’s first step outside of Hong Kong. Under Jennifer’s leadership and keen eye for design aesthetics, the in-house design team has also been awarded Best Café in the Hong Kong Interior and Design Awards 2015.

The Coffee Academïcs’ flagship outlet in Singapore will feature a Main Bar with adjacent Custom Blend Bar and Coffee Concierge; Japanese tea ceremony inspired Hand Brew Bar; and Training Area with two cupping tables for coffee appreciation classes, public cupping and Q&A sessions. Extending the ‘travel the world through coffee’ experience, a globally inspired all-day food menu will offer dishes that draw influence from coffee growing and drinking countries around the world. And, each month, a new handcrafted drink is released, inspired by the flavours of the world. For December 2015, the drink of the month is inspired by Christmas in Berlin. The city accentuates the amalgamation of a coffee culture with traditional Christmas themes, blending the hip Berlin atmosphere with the festive cheer during the Season of Giving.

Whether curious coffee novices or discerning coffee connoisseurs, guests are invited to explore  and join the ‘intellectual pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee’. The vision is to create designer spaces for socialising, the exchanging of ideas and the enjoyment of exceptional and innovative coffee. From coffee origin selection, roasting methods and state-of-the-art brewing techniques, to the carefully chosen accessories, the micro-turning of blend proportions and the final cupping, each step combines great care, unwavering passion and an uncompromising quest for quality.


The Beans, Blends & Brewing Methods

The Coffee Academïcs sources its beans from the best growing regions all over the world, and roasts them meticulously to create signature blends ideally suited to espresso and hand brewing. It also has its own coffee farm in Baruffee Estate, Panama: an estate surrounded by virgin rainforest and mountain streams, and free from harmful insecticides and pesticides, located in the Baru Volcano region (1,900 metres above sea level), coffee plants benefit from a high altitude, good climate, and rich fertile volcanic soil.

Available in the Singapore outlet are The TCA House Blend, JWF Blend and Panama Baruffee Blend. The TCA House Blend has captured much attention as the ‘best coffee you can find, locally and internationally’, scoring 92 points by Coffee Review, the world’s leading coffee guide. Sophisticated and exotic, the green coffee beans from Columbia, Ethiopia and El Salvador are medium roasted for a tart berry aroma and buttery chocolate aftertaste. The JWF Blend of rare Kenyan caracoli coffee beans is a gentle delicate peaberry collection, noted for its romantic fruity flavours and soft bittersweet finish (93 point score from Coffee Review). The Panama Baruffee Blend are a 100% natural Panama Arabica coffee bean with one-of-a-kind flavour profile and exclusive to The Coffee Academïcs.