September 30, 2016



The elegant story of dunhill’s pens, lighters and cufflinks unfolds with impeccable innovation, wit, luxury and discreet beauty. These traits combine to further encompass the fail-safe function.

Taking inspiration from Art Deco, the design style which first appeared in France before the outbreak of the First World War has influenced this collection. dunhill’s Art Deco accessories capture the seductiveness of the last century’s most glamorous design movement.

Art Deco swept all its predecessors with its sleek, futuristic international style. It motored the design aesthetic of dunhill’s accessories for the next three decades, from lighters to cufflinks and from tie pins to watches. It also led to the extended letters on dunhill’s very own brand logo.

The movement that gave us the iconic silhouette of New York’s Chrysler Building and London’s Claridge’s Hotel lobby – sweeping lines, reflective surfaces and geometric patterns – also made dunhill’s accessories the most covetable gentleman’s luxuries in the world.

At dunhill this winter, it’s revival time for Art Deco’s timeless, sleek curvilinear lines.


The Sentryman Collection Rollerball and BallPoint pen in high-shine stainless steel is smartly etched with graphic linear Art Deco detailing.

Onyx and Sodalite cufflinks grooved with parallel lines against a dark semi-precious stone centre: timeless formalwear accents.

Slick tie bars run with the linear theme reflecting joining the dunhill Art Deco family with stylish sophistication.