August 6, 2015

Famed Taiwanese Dazzling Café introduces new signature cocktail menu based on inspirations from nature with a blend of local flavors. The first Dazzling Café to have a bar operating alongside its café. The cocktail menu features a collection of 11 different cocktails specially concocted by Taiwanese mixologist, Mr Eric Chen.


The Singapore exclusive cocktails are divided into different categories, it ranges from Light and Refreshing; drinks that incorporates apple, mint and lime for a zesty kick to drinks that are more Rich and Creamy; such as one that blends cream-based alcohol with chocolates and baileys. Highlights of the collection includes Taiwan’s popular cocktail, Snowy Rose, that is inspired by the idea of a perfect lady – classy, elegant and charming.


Others include Julie (a unique cocktail named after Singapore actress, Julie Tan)Bondi Sunset, Tiramisu and Aviation Night.


“My inspirations for my cocktails creations are based on my every day experience and environment. It could be nature, an interesting experience, a special personality I meet etc. A cocktail composition to me is like an essay to a writer, it allows me to express myself. I love hearing customers’ personal stories and experiences, and I enjoy designing unique cocktails to surprise them,” says Mr Eric Chen.


Bespoke cocktails are also offered at the Dazzling Bar. Customers who prefer a more unique drink beyond the cocktail menu list can request with Chen for a special cocktail concoction.

The new cocktail menu will be available at Dazzling Café Capitol Piazza Mall, from 12pm to 12am, Mondays to Sundays.