November 30, 2020

Pulsifi, a platform that blends people science with predictive AI to elevate strategic human resources, hat raised an angel round of US$1.8 million. This investment brings Pulsifi’s total funding to US$4 million.

New investors in this round include Aaron Chen, founder of KVC group of companies, Kairous Capital and Rajesh Lingappa, co-founder and former CTO of RedMart, who are joined by existing investors.

Pulsifi has operational bases in Malaysia and Singapore, and customers in six Southeast Asian countries including Nestlé, RB, Heineken, Baxter, Singtel and Hartalega. Pulsifi’s People Data Platform predicts outcomes of people at work with over 90 per cent accuracy, helping enterprises significantly improve quality and efficiency in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

“With Covid-19, we had to adapt our plans for 2020. We are fortunate to still hit the goals we set out to achieve. During the pandemic, we expanded to serving customers in the healthcare, high-growth manufacturing and telco sectors,” said ​Jay Huang, co-founder and CEO, Pulsifi​. “As employers became more selective in hiring, we took the opportunity to enhance our platform to better support our customers with their existing employees as well.”

Aaron Chen, founder of KVC group of companies​, which has multiple businesses in diverse industries and countries, said, “As a strong believer in bringing out the potential of people, I was struck by how the Pulsifi team is also so passionate about that vision. Pulsifi benefits any company that values its people, and I am keen to support their growth among my businesses and around the world.”

“Pulsifi is a unique B2B company that built a compelling product that is relevant globally, not only in its home markets,” added ​Joseph Lee, partner at Kairous Capital​, a cross-border venture capital firm.

Pulsifi’s People Data Platform unifies multiple hard skills and soft traits data on each candidate or employee, and accurately predicts each person’s work styles, role fit, culture fit, and other outcomes. Pulsifi’s People Science is backed by over 50 years of organisational psychology research. With this latest round of funding, Pulsifi is committed to strengthening its product development across the talent lifecycle from hiring selection, to high-potential employee management, to personalized learning and development.

“Talent Acquisition and Management at scale is very hard, and I experienced this first hand. Pulsifi is solving this problem in a very unique way, and the team has built a strong technology platform to do so at scale,” said Rajesh Lingappa​.

Fresh off winning first place at the ​HR Tech PitchFest 2020​ by HRM Asia last month, Pulsifi is expanding its market coverage through partners, from Southeast Asia to Europe. Pulsifi is also strategically partnered with SAP SuccessFactors, a global leading human capital management software platform, having graduated from the inaugural SAP.iO Foundry in Singapore last year.