November 5, 2018

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) under the Prime Minister’s Office has awarded the tender for the Hosting and Development of GovTech Device Management Control and Data Acquisition System (DECADA) to Envision Digital Singapore Pte Ltd.  This project aims to provide a ready-to-use common IoT (Internet of Things) services platform to government agencies using Envision Digital’s EnOS IoT Operating System.

When implemented, EnOS will provide a secure, open and robust platform to accelerate the development of next generation IoT-based solutions by government agencies in their digitalisation goals. EnOS will also allow agencies to break their IoT data silos by ingesting IoT data, in its raw form, into a data repository. This potential whole-of-government IoT data repository will enable agencies to perform data analytics, forecasting and optimisation, and develop dashboards through EnOS’ powerful capabilities such as its integrated machine learning framework.

Envision Digital’s EnOS solution was chosen by GovTech through a public tender. Competition was intense with proposals from 9 local and world renowned multi-national companies.

Commenting on this significant win by Envision Digital, Mr Zhang Lei, Founder and CEO of Envision said, “We are very honoured to be selected to work on this strategic project with GovTech to provide an advanced IoT technology platform to and across various government agencies to support Singapore’s public sector digitalisation.  It represents yet another clear recognition of the capabilities of our EnOS operating system to help drive the adoption of IoT in the public sector’s digital transformation.  We also look forward to further supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.”

Within the next few months, Envision Digital will work closely with GovTech to install and operate the DECADA system and to develop the government agencies’ smart digital applications on the DECADA platform.