May 24, 2021

Grab has expanded its transport offerings with the introduction of two new on-demand premier ride options—GrabPet XL, a transportation service that caters to consumers with more pets, and GrabCar Exec, a fleet of luxurious vehicles that serve consumers who want to travel in style and comfort. Both services will go live on 25th May 2021.

“Our consumers rely heavily on the Grab platform for their mobility needs. They are extremely diverse, and it is important that our suite of services can cater to their different needs, in areas such as quality, safety, convenience and more. We have specifically created GrabPet XL and GrabCar Exec to address feedback and requests from our consumers and driver-partners. Additionally, the new services would create more earning opportunities for our driver-partners, making the platform more sustainable for them,” said Andrew Chan, Managing Director, Transport, Grab Singapore.

GrabPet XL is an iteration of the popular GrabPet service, which has seen a ridership growth of close to 170 per cent between April 2019 and April 2021. The service would utilise larger vehicle models, allowing for the transport of more passengers and pets. For instance, a GrabPet XL vehicle can ferry three passengers and three small to medium-sized pets (up to 41cm in length), or two large pets (41cm in length or more) in a single trip. On the other hand, GrabPet can accommodate up to two passengers, two small to medium-sized pets, or one large pet.

All household pets licensed by the Animal & Veterinary Service except birds are permitted on the service. All vehicles are outfitted with foldable pet seat covers and adjustable leashes to ensure the pets’ comfort and safety during their ride. In addition, Grab offers insurance coverage for travelling pets for the period of the transit.

GrabCar Exec offers a limousine-styled service for consumers who wish to travel in comfort and style, with a focus on service quality. The new service is also an option for consumers looking for a special ride for events or special occasions.

GrabCar Exec driver-partners will be required to attend professional training to provide passengers with delightful service and memorable experiences. These trained driver-partners are also advised to dress professionally to elevate the overall experience for consumers.

“We hope that GrabCar Exec will be a preferred option for consumers who value quality experiences, and are seeking to travel in comfort and style as part of their lifestyle needs,” added Chan.

GrabCar Exec will be serviced by a fleet of four and six-seater premium vehicles, which include the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz V220, and Toyota Vellfire models. In addition, consumers can take advantage of various amenities offered, including the ability to charge their phones with the provision of a USB cable and booster seats for children.

Interested consumers can load the Grab app and select the services to book their rides. Rides start from $16.00 for GrabPet XL, and from $15.00 for GrabCar Exec.