September 27, 2018

SC Global Developments, one of Singapore’s leading developers of exclusive luxury residences, today unveiled a new luxury concept, ‘Petit Collectibles,’ which will embrace a new design philosophy design to accommodate changing lifestyle and priorities among the well-heeled and millennials who are seeking lighter, uncluttered lives.

Compact by design, ‘Petit Collectibles’ offers the ultimate in spatial efficiency with apartments primarily in one-and two-bedroom configurations, reengineered to offer versatility in design and function. The latest development concept builds on SC Global’s success of developing smaller luxury apartments, whilst paying tribute to earlier projects like Martin No.38, Thr3e Thre3 Robin and The Lincoln Modern, which laid the foundation for succession.

Petit Collectibles’ will showcase the ingenuity and innovation that can be employed without sacrificing the defining principles of luxury that that embody an SC Global apartment. Design and space planning will be carefully crafted and considered to create living spaces with flexible functionality that combine absolute comfort with everyday practicality, whilst feeling spacious beyond their dimensions. Packed with thoughtful design details, ‘Petit Collectibles’ will provide a stylish urban dwelling that exudes personality.

Rich in lifestyle experiences, they will be located in prestigious, amenity-rich neighbourhoods in the city, close to everything that matters whilst preserving the residents’ need for privacy.

Founder and Chairman of SC Global Simon Cheong said: “SC Global’s apartments have often been referred to as ‘collectibles’ because they are limited in edition and refreshingly original in design. When crafting the architecture of luxury, we never let modestly defined spaces limit our creativity. A space that is more compact shouldn’t be less luxurious or enjoyable. Our latest development concept, ‘Petit Collectibles’, follows the same meticulous ideals of originality, craftsmanship and quality that underpin each and every SC Global home, but they will be designed for those who want to live a different way, those looking to adopt a lighter lifestyle.”

Mr Cheong added that as a ‘Petit Collectible’, it is high in quality and authentic; it embodies SC Global’s philosophy of creating innovative lifestyle concepts that bring fresh perspectives to design, to suit changing lifestyles. He added that such changes among those who buy luxury properties have already affected urban living in cities like New York, London and Paris, where pied-à-terres have become trendy as empty nesters and professionals increasingly opt to give up spacious suburban houses for a faster-pace of living in the city centres.

Richard Florida, an American urban studies theorist best known for his concept of the creative class and its implications for urban regeneration, observed that the top 10% of income earners in America are moving back to the city. The young who are streaming back do not mind renting small apartments which also serve as their office, while the older crowd, the retired baby boomers, are looking for a pied-à-terre in the hip, bohemian and edgy parts of the city and enjoy the liberating lifestyle of their younger years.

The first ‘Petit Collectible’ development ‘Petit Jervois’ is located at 33 Jervois Road and will be launched in the coming months.