July 20, 2018

From supposed best friends Emma and Olivia sabotaging each other’s weddings in Bride Wars, to America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca telling another to “check [her] thighs in the mirror”, the cattiness of females have boosted sky-high TV ratings and popularity among viewers. So it is always refreshing and heartwarming to see feminine tropes being portrayed in a strong and empowering light. As Nicole Richie said, “friends are like diamonds—bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style.” True friends are undeniably a woman’s greatest treasure, and the feeling of being around them can be energising and magnetic, laced with a certain degree of unspoken intimacy. If you want to celebrate strong female friendships, here is a list of amazing films that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The Help

This Oscar-winning film based on Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 novel delves into the issues of racism and social disparity between whites and people of colour. Set in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s, southern society girl and aspiring writer, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan returns home from college only to discover that a movement to install separate bathrooms for the help has been initiated. Horrified and determined to seek justice, Skeeter decides to interview the black women who have dedicated their lives to looking after prominent southern families. The Help showcases exemplary female support for one another through tough times and friendships that surpass ethnic differences and social backgrounds. It reminds us that “courage is doing what is right in spite of the weakness of our flesh”.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

“I can’t believe how cute I look. Don’t you love how we can say that to each other and know we’re not being conceited?” A decade-old friendship that involves living together, making their own clothes, choreographing fabulous dance routines and watching reruns of Pretty Woman. Needless to say, Romy and Michele are the ultimate friendship goals. Starring Tony Spelling and Lisa Kudrow, Romy and Michele attend a high school reunion attempting to impress their former schoolmates. To prove how much they’ve really changed, the duo decides to reinvent themselves as successful business women and the inventors of post-its. Although incredibly goofy and comedic, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion teaches us a thing or two about self-acceptance and friendships that are far more worthwhile than fitting in.

The Other Woman

Most women would never befriend their husband’s mistress, much less form an alliance with them. Starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj star in The Other Woman, telling a tale of an unexpected friendship that blossoms in adversity. When 3 women—Carly, Kate and Amber discover that their suave beau, Mark, has been cheating on all of them, they end up joining forces and work towards a common goal—revenge. A refreshing take that steers away from the stereotype of women being in perpetual competition against one another. The Other Woman focuses on friendship, as these women put aside their differences and celebrate one other.

Girls Trip

Girls Trip made box office history by being the first all-black film to earn $100 million. This raunchy yet heartwarming film follows 4 college friends, Ryan, Sasha, Lisa and Dina, collectively known as the “Flossy Posse”, reuniting for a wild weekend away in New Orleans. Hilarious, inspiring and relatable, this movie is everything a modern day woman wants in a film. The stellar showcase of black girl magic sets an excellent reminder for all to realise their self-worth and that true friends will always have each other’s backs, no matter the circumstances in life.

For a Good Time, Call…

Who would have thought that a flourishing phone sex business would act as the catalyst for a sweet, loving friendship? Written by real-life friends, Katie Anne Naylon and Lauren Miller, For a Good Time, Call features college enemies, Lauren and Katie with opposing personalities living together reluctantly after experiencing financial difficulties and being on the verge of eviction. Unlike anything we’ve seen before, this light-hearted, modern-day rom-com treats female friendships as an end in itself and exhibits the beauty of forgiving by simply letting bygones be bygones.

Pitch Perfect

Showstopping musical performances by an ensemble  cast of charismatic female actresses, totally aca-awesome! “Barden Bellas” could not be any more diverse in terms of appearances, sexuality, upbringing and personalities. But one thing’s for sure–they all love to sing. For 3 installments now, the “Barden Bellas” have displayed undying love and support for one another through the good, bad and the craziest of times. An embodiment of girl power and how being around the right company can bring out the best in people.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Before the invention of Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, there were pants. Summer has begun in Maryland and best friends, Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby are going their separate ways for the first time in their lives. No matter where each of them may be, these girls will always stay connected through a shared pair of jeans that just so happens to fit all four of them perfectly despite their different body measurements. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants symbolises everlasting friendships and unbreakable bonds that defies the distances apart.

Bad Moms

Sometimes all a mom wants is to go out and have fun. Three moms, Amy, Kiki, Karla are three stressed-out mothers who work tirelessly to provide the best for their children. Together, they share a strong bond that unleashes their wild side, giving them the courage to go against PTA queen bee, Gwendolyn and her constant judgements on moms. Bad Moms proves that having the support of your friends makes everything a whole lot better and sometimes, all we need is a little nudge to keep us going.

Hot Pursuit

A-list actresses, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara share a tremendous amount of chemistry both on and off-screen. When an uptight, rule-obsessed cop (Witherspoon) is assigned to protect the drug lord’s wife, Daniella Riva (Vergara), the two end up going on a misadventure through Texas, facing down dubious cops and murderous gunmen. A superficial ditz and an unlikely law-enforcer become each other’s best chance at survival, while developing new-found respect for each other.