July 30, 2020

The wait is over, Lucali BYGB has opened their doors in Singapore’s Kallang district. A unique collaboration between Singapore-based hospitality pioneer, Gibran Baydoun and creator of the famed Lucali in Brooklyn, Mark Iacono, Lucali BYGB is a match made in pizza pie heaven, marrying Lucali’s famed pizza pie recipe with Baydoun’s thoughtfully curated service and design philosophy.

Lucali BYGB’s namesake, Brooklyn’s Lucali is adored by the A-List and local community alike for its humble food and rustic yet artfully curated setting in a former candy store. From the calzones and homemade meatballs in ‘four-hour sauce’ to the Brooklyn-style pie, Lucali is renowned for its unpretentious fine dining, unrivalled in New York.

Helming the kitchen and completing the heavy-hitting partnership is Chef Ariana Flores. Most recently Executive Pastry Chef at Nancy Silverton’s Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands, Flores has mastered the art of the perfect pie under the watchful eye of Iacono in Brooklyn.

The famed ‘Lucali pie’ is humble yet meticulous, with the carefully honed recipe evolving from Iacono’s staunch, almost obsessive commitment to each and every element. From the size—a consistent 18-inches—to the light and crispy yet fluffy and chewy base, and the secret ‘four-hour tomato sauce’ recipe passed down from Iacono’s grandmother’s recipe (we recommended that guests order extra so you can dunk the crust…or just drink from the bowl).

Then there’s the cheese—the perfect ‘Brooklyn combination’ of buffalo mozzarella, low-moisture mozzarella, and shaved Grana Padano which completes the pizza along with an abundance of fragrant, fresh basil. And while the ‘Lucali pie’ is the hero of the menu, the calzone is rustic and equally impressive. Additional toppings are available accordingly to seasonality but will feature core returners such as pepperoni, onions, olives and mushrooms.

Taking the slow-food movement next level, the pies at Lucali BYGB are cooked in a wood-fired oven, which has been designed and purpose-built using bricks from seven suppliers across South East Asia, by the same mason who delivered Lucali’s original oven more than 15 years ago.

Apart from the main attraction, Lucali BYGB features a small list of proper salads, handcrafted pastas like cacio e pepe and lasagna, and other nostalgic dishes that use impeccable ingredients, regionally sourced and simply cooked.

Rounding up the experience is a selection of nostalgic desserts reminiscent of American childhood including, homemade soft-serve ice cream with rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, or the indulgent ice cream sundae.

Occupying the famed Kilo site in the Kallang Rivergreen Building, the 2,500 square foot warehouse space features clean and minimalist lines with a familiar and warm ambience. Guests are led up in an unassuming lift to an industrial space that is framed by large expansive windows. Baydoun’s intentional hospitality philosophy comes to life through subtle touches designed to inspire meaningful interactions between guests. Spatial planning and lighting play a key role with rows of long, handcrafted tables and benches framed by vintage, art-deco pendant lighting. The floors nod to artist Danial Arsham’s Future Relic series, intricately tiled in sporadic, irregular areas.

Completing the dining experience is the eclectic playlist. A highly curated yet playful mix, diners will be treated to artists from Blood Orange and SBTRKT to Morrisey and Tina Turner, Jay-Z and Pharcyde. Lucali BYGB has partnered with revolutionary Devialet to produce an unreasonable sound with Phantom Reactors, delivering a truly unique experience for diners. Coupled with world-renowned acoustic treatments from AV Intelligence, each sense matters. To top it off, diners take home a menu of the playlist, so the night never has to end.