February 12, 2015

The moment I stepped into this establishment, I knew I was in for an alcoholic treat. Sugarhall carries one of the most extensive and well-curated collections on the island with over 80 types of rum sourced from around the world. Rows and rows stocked full of exotic alcohol at the bar, coupled with a unique drinks menu heightened my excitement for the night.

Nestled along the small lanes of Amoy Street sits Sugarhall. Perhaps you might be more familiar with its sister establishment that is right next door – Jigger & Pony. However, unlike Jigger & Pony, Sugarhall exudes a more laid-back and playful feeling that instantly draws you in. From the catchy music to the friendly staff in quirky outfits, the ambience was seductively charming and warm.

My evening started off at the bar, and I was treated to a fine selection of Spanish and English rums. Being a rum lover, this was an absolute delight as I got to try many different types of rum that weren’t available locally. From the lightest to the strongest, each rum was a unique experience. My favourite, however, was definitely the Rum Nation Panama. It was sweet and light with just the right amount of punch.

Feeling hungry, I ordered the Bay Scallop Carpaccio and Tiger Prawns. The bay scallop carpaccio was exactly what I needed to get my appetite flowing and had an interesting blend of avocado, yuzu and a hint of lime underneath. The fragrance of the tiger prawns with okra fritter, garlic and chilli was a palette pleaser, especially with the bite of chilli which spiced things up.

For my mains, I tried the Lamb Shoulder Chop, accompanied by a chunky pumpkin and sauteed mushrooms. The lamb shoulder chop proved to be a letdown. While the meat was tender and juicy to the cut, it was slightly undercooked. The chunky pumpkin was another disappointment too. The pumpkin did not have much flavour and was also tough to bite into. Thankfully, the mozzarella and rum raisin on the side was light and delicious, making up for the lack of taste in the pumpkin. Perhaps the only main course dish that stood out was the sautéed mushrooms as the fragrant taste of the Portobello mushrooms came through.

The mains were extremely filling, but as the saying goes ‘there is always room for dessert’, and I couldn’t resist ordering the Foie Gras Profiteroles. Foie Gras in a dessert? Surprisingly, it worked. The richness and sweetness of foie gras in the form of an ice cream was a sensation to my taste buds as it hit all the right spots. It was rich and creamy, yet not heavy as I expected it to be and it was a good way to end on a sweet note.

The highlight of the meal was getting to try the cocktails on the menu. The large and unique selection made it difficult to choose but eventually, I settled for the San Juan Cooler as my poison. It was a mixture of rum, passion fruit, grapes, lime and elderflower tonic. The drink was extremely light and refreshing. It also countered the richness of the food. The coconut daiquiri was another pleaser. Served in an actual coconut and filled with a sweet blend of house-spiced rum, coconut and lime juice, the drink was revitalising and perfect for a hot day.

Although Sugarhall wasn’t quite up to the mark with their food, they definitely made up for it with their alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a night out to chill with your friends, head down to Sugarhall for drinks. But make sure you have something to eat before that, or just stick to the appetizers and desserts.

For more information, visit www.sugarhall.sg