November 26, 2019

In an age where consumers are more environmentally conscious about their purchases than ever before, fast fashion companies like H&M and Forever 21 are getting more flak for the sheer amount of pollution they generate each year. One sustainable alternative that has been gaining traction in the past few years is clothing rental services. The concept is simple: pick out your favourite pieces from their array of clothes and accessories based on your subscription plan, wear them, and return them within the designated time frame. This flexibility allows you to not only experiment with the latest trends, but also have an amazing wardrobe at the fraction of the cost. Here are 5 clothing rental companies that are giving fashion a new “lease” on life.

Style Lease

Offering modern designs from various high-end labels, Style Lease is home to more than 500 occasion-wear dresses. Fittings are available upon request to find an outfit that does right by you, and no subscription plans are set in stone, making it a fuss-free process. If dresses aren’t up your alley, you’d be pleased to know that the founder of Style Lease, Ang Jin Yuan, has added winter coats to the repertoire for those winter vacations.


With 200 cult brands to choose from, MADThreads is a more cost-effection option for shopaholics out there. With a flat fee in their subscription service entitling you to rent an unlimited amount of clothes per month, you will never be seen in the same outfit twice. Their next day delivery services are at no additional costs, plus your outfits are stored in reusable tote bags instead of disposable plastics—what’s not to love?

Style Theory

Style Theory is currently the largest clothing rental brand in Southeast Asia, and whether it’s workwear, party dresses or even outfits for date night, they’ve got you covered. Users can opt for doorstep delivery or self-collection from four central locations. What’s more, Style Theory Bags functions as a complementary arm that allows you to rent two bags per month to complete your ensemble.


Need to attend a fancy event? Covetella has the largest selection of designer dresses that extends to ethnic wear, maternity outfits and even a men’s section—perfect for your plus one. Covetella operates on a one-time rental model and prides itself on making fashion accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.


Having previously struggled with body issues, local singer-songwriter Ming Bridges started Rentadella to help women overcome their insecurities by offering a wide range of sizes from UK4 to UK20. Apart from being inclusive of all shapes and sizes, the platform also serves as a way to promote sustainable fashion in an attempt to reduce pollution caused by the industry.