October 31, 2017

Lounge chairs are the essential luxury furniture for reading, taking a quick snooze or simply chilling with a glass of wine in hand. Undoubtedly, they play a crucial role in your downtime when you need to decompress. So, if you haven’t found the perfect one, we have identified 5 timeless and classic ones from the brilliant minds of furniture designers like Ludwig Miles van der Rohe to Arne Jacobsen and even Yrjo Kukkapuro.

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

A design ahead of its time, this iconic lounge chair and ottoman set still looks captivating six decades on. Its plush leather cushions are enfolded by what resembles wooden origami sheets in a complete ergonomic work of art that would style up any living area.


Fritz Hansen Egg Chair

The Egg Chair’s almost seamless wraparound form didn’t just give it its name—in fact, it is also comfortable if you want to nestle yourself in a cocoon-like position. Customisable in either leather or fabric, it works perfectly as a corner lounger or even as a centerpiece with its optional matching leg rest.

Karuselli Lounge Chair

Modern even by today’s standards, Karuselli blends beauty and function in this black, white and steel masterpiece from the sixties. Sculpted for a relaxed repose, it fits right into any contemporary style interior adding that touch of retro-futuristic appeal to your space.


The Wassily Chair

Inspired by a bicycle frame in 1925, the Wassily Chair is clean, sleek and highly simplistic. Fine cowhide and a chrome tubular steel frame with armrests make up its uniquely fundamental design which along with a stamped signature of designer Marcel Breuer, authenticates its heritage of quality and ingenuity.

Barcelona Chair

If you fancy something a little purer with a more minimalistic industrial vibe, the Barcelona chair is just the thing for you. With just two fine leather cushions, the seat and backrest are strapped to a curvaceous stainless steel frame, so that you comfort and support are provided. You might want to consider this piece for your office.


Image Credit: Herman Miller, Fritz Hansen, Artek, Knoll