June 27, 2017

During The Championships 2017 at Wimbledon, new luxury watch brand Avantist unveils its highly anticipated limited-edition Legend Series collection, which pays homage to the legacy of tennis through its Pioneer brand Ambassador Martina Navratilova.

An exceptional new watch brand that not only showcases the highest levels of precision- Swiss-watchmaking and design, Avantist also possesses a unique twist that defines a new category of rare, investment timepieces.

Each watch contains a length of string from the very racquets used to win iconic grand slam victories of past. Taking two years in the making from concept to development to the final product, the Martina Navratilova Wimbledon 1987 luxury watch by Avantist is a masterpiece in craftsmanship that champions a true sports legacy. Created with Navratilova, the watch contains a length of string taken from the racquet used to win her Wimbledon 1987 Women’s Final.

Only a small number of watches can be produced with the very limited amount of string from a racquet – making the strings like gems, even rarer and more valuable than flawless diamonds. The string, showcased beautifully in a Swissmade Avantist dial and set beneath a toric sapphire crystal, gives every timepiece a story of exceptional human achievement, giving you not just an opportunity to own that moment in history but also daily inspiration to strive for greatness in your life.


Avantist’s Pioneer Ambassador: Martina Navratilova

“Martina Navratilova has an extraordinary legacy that is both aspirational and inspirational for generations of people, which is why she is our choice as Avantist’s first ambassador,” said Keeran Janin, Founder and CEO of Avantist. “By making her racquet strings an intricate part of the Avantist Legend Series watch, every Avantist watch wearer not only owns that iconic moment in time but is inspired to achieve greatness in their own lives.”

Over a professional tennis career that spanned an extraordinary four decades, tennis icon Martina Navratilova’s prolific achievements include 18-time Grand Slam Singles Champion, 31-time Grand Slam Women’s Doubles Champion, 10-time Grand Slam Mixed Double’s Champion and held the World No. 1 ranking for 7 years. Having won the Wimbledon Singles title a consecutive record of 9 times makes it ideal to mark the launch of the Avantist Legend Series Martina Navratilova collection during The Championships 2017, Wimbledon.

“Getting to the top and staying there was a long and incredible journey,” said Navratilova. “I believe Avantist understands and embraces the values it takes to become a champion and how to preserve and also champion a legacy. Which is why I am excited to share my legacy with Avantist and most of all, the people who will wear the watch.”

Navratilova worked closely with the Avantist team to develop not just a series of exceptional limited-edition watches but to share her legacy and achievement with fans and collectors in a way that could be cherished every day for many generations. Perfectly fulfilling this ambitious goal are the heart and soul of her championship titles—the actual racquets used during her respective title matches and the strings within that resonate with every winning shot.

With each Avantist Legend Series timepiece, showcasing the length of string from each of her match-played racquet, the wearer owns and shares in Martina Navratilova’s moments of victory, experiencing the very soul of the watch.


Avantist, the Champion of Sports Legacies

An Avantist watch is a masterpiece that captures inspiration, history and precision- watchmaking. Embodying the spirit of authenticity and values to champion the sports legacy of its iconic brand ambassadors, it is made from titanium and stainless steel for lightness, its movement is a 21-Jewel automatic calibre based on the ETA-2892, ensuring extreme precision and reliability.

Appealing to discerning collectors and watch connoisseurs as an exceptional and rare investment timepiece, the Avantist watch was created to inspire its wearers to achieve greatness in their lives just as its brand ambassadors have accomplished in theirs.

After purchasing an Avantist Martina Navratilova timepiece, the customer has the exciting opportunity to meet Navratilova in person. Avantist will organise a series of private sessions on the sidelines of the four Grand Slams—Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon, New York—where the tennis icon will share her experiences about her amazing life, journey and legacy.

There are only 30 timepieces of each watch available, price from £ 8,000.00.