March 24, 2021

In Honor of Kings’ first co-creation with a luxury brand, Burberry chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci has exclusively designed two skins for the mobile game’s popular heroine, Yao.

Centred around the theme of the ‘Spirit of Nature’, this collaboration draws upon Burberry’s longstanding exploration of the relationship between humans and nature. The fashion house’s affinity to the outdoors links harmoniously with Honor of King’s character Yao, who embodies the spirit of nature and is able to take the form of a deer—also an expression of the Burberry animal kingdom house code. In keeping with the fashion house’s signature gabardine, pioneered by founder Thomas Burberry and designed to protect its wearer against the elements, Yao plays the role of a protector for her fellow gamers within Honor of Kings.

Yao’s two exclusive skins have been inspired by Burberry house codes as reinterpreted by Riccardo. Seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds, Yao’s ‘Spirit of Nature’ new skin draws upon Burberry’s rich heritage and includes references to the iconic House check, the trench coat and the Thomas Burberry Monogram. This skin draws upon the classicism of these Burberry hallmarks and reinvents them into a modern look for Yao to reflect her strong, dynamic and adventurous character. Yao’s ‘Spirit of Nature’ deer takes a mirrored form, drawing upon Riccardo’s fascination with the concept of duality and the creativity found in two perspectives.

In Honor of King’s first collaboration with a brand on its ‘Legend’ skin offering, Burberry has co-created a ‘Spirit of the Forest and Ocean’ Legend skin for Yao using one of the runway looks from the house’s Spring/ Summer 2021 collection ‘In Bloom’—a collection inspired by thoughts of regeneration, dynamic youth and reconnecting with nature. Yao’s look draws upon the collection’s mythical marine references and features a statement warm royal blue collarless trench coat and a crystal-embroidered vest. Mirroring the essence of the look, the ‘Spirit of the Forest and Ocean’ Legend deer pulsates blue light through its crystal body.

Building upon the existing partnership between the luxury fashion house and Tencent, this collaboration continues to reflect Burberry’s ambitions to push boundaries through innovation and creativity, enabling the Burberry community to explore the digital realm of Honor of Kings in an exciting new concept.

The exclusive Burberry skins will be available to purchase for all Honor of Kings players in mainland China. The skins will then remain part of the players’ permanent collection.