May 9, 2017

Did you know that men’s neckwear stems from thousands of years of history? Throughout time and across the globe, it has had various purposes. The ancient Chinese soldiers used them as protection against the cold and irritation from their armour while the aristocratic Europeans wore them as status symbols in the 18th century. Evolving from its roots to a more modern take today, here are 5 essential pieces to consider. 

5 Essential Neckwear Styles for Men-art

The Bolo

Distinguished by an ornamental clasp or slide, the bolo tie though rooted more in Midwestern American culture, has now gained international popularity. Grammy Award winner, Bruno Mars is a known advocate of the Bolo tie, which is chic in its simplicity. The ASOS round turquoise stone framed in silver can be worn with any collared shirt to give the wearer that same cool, minimalistic vibe.

The Scarf

Having had a heritage as a military garment, the scarf has now become more of a fashion statement. Select from a range of materials, colours and patterns depending on your attire such as this burgundy and patterned silk piece from Z Zegna, which commands your attention in a stylish way.

The Ascot

Originating in the 1800s, the ascot got its name from The Royal Ascot Races, where it was usually worn. Used more for celebratory occasions back then, this generation’s ascot has been spotted on icons like Robbie Williams and Jeremy Piven. This English madder silk offering from Fort Belvedere in red with black and silver paisley, is best worn with an unfastened collared shirt and blazer.

The Necktie

Dating back to 1618, the necktie is typically associated with formal or office attire. But wearing a tie doesn’t have to be stuffy. This tonal textured silk option in navy from Gieves and Hawkes features a classic cut with a contemporary design, which gives you the versatility to pair it with a suit or a crisp shirt and jeans combo.

The Bow Tie

The bow tie is most commonly reputed as an accessory for professionals. Modern iterations, however, suggest otherwise. This navy silk pocket square bowtie from Hackett is a stunner, and can be matched with a dark blue shirt, white Bermuda shorts and a fedora if you’re feeling debonair.


Image Credits: Gentleman’s Gazette, ASOS, Gieves and Hawk, Hackett, Z Zegna