November 24, 2020

After the successful launch of the MTG-B1000 back in 2018, Casio will be rolling out the new and improved MTG-B2000. Providing a functionally tough yet lightweight timepiece, the MTG-B2000 watches employ a new Dual Core Guard structure that features a carbon fibre-reinforced resin case and a carbon monocoque construction.

This new structure produced a watch with more visible metal while retaining the popular mid-sized case and weight that users found to be so wearable in the predecessor, MTG-B1000. To make things sweeter, the MTG-B2000BD (red bezel) and MTG-B2000D (black bezel) models both come with a new layered-composite band made with a higher proportion of resin, paired with metal parts, making them 15 per cent lighter than the predecessor model. The MTG-B2000B (blue bezel) comes with a soft urethane band for a more comfortable fit. The MTG-B2000 watches also feature Triple G-Resist technology to resist dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibration.

Users with a hectic lifestyle would be glad to know that these new watches are the first in the MT-G series to be equipped with three dual coil motors for smooth operation of the watch hands. Besides automatically adjusting to a local time zone without any need for the user to operate the buttons, the watch’s time can also be adjusted via radio wave calibration signals and a dedicated app via a smartphone.

The watch will be available for purchase from 30 November at all G-Shock stores and​ at the following prices: MTG-B2000B-1A2DR for S$1,399, MTG-B2000BD-1A4DR for S$1,539 and MTG-B2000D-1ADR, for S$1,499.