June 16, 2017

While the fashion industry is constantly churning out new styles every season, the industry would not be where it is today without the help of influential fashion icons. In this series called Get That Look, we take a cue from doyennes and trailblazers in the 70s, and put a modern twist on things by recreating their outfits.

If you aren’t familiar with Bianca Jagger, her last name might definitely ring a bell. Bianca Jagger is the first and former wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Once an “It” girl of the decade, Bianca Jagger has since snuffed out her jet-setting, party-going reputation and is now a campaigner for human rights and used to be the chair of the World Future Council.

Looking back, Jagger cemented her iconic status as the reigning queen of Manhattan’s Studio 54 with looks ranging from sleek menswear to bold choker necklaces. As she simply puts it, Style is knowing what suits you, who you are, and what your assets are. It is also accepting it all.

Here are 3 of her best style moments from the 70s: 


Bianca Jagger’s Wedding Style

When it comes to iconic brides, Bianca Jagger has been always on the list. During her wedding in 1971, Jagger donned a YSL Le Smoking Jacket with a wide veiled sun hat—making it one of the most memorable and avant-garde wedding outfits of all time. Amidst the drama, frenzy and the threat of mob violence from the onlooking crowd, Bianca Jagger maintained her poise and looked every bit the dapper queen.

Nothing screams summer more than a Panama hat. This summer classic is sophisticated without arrogance and is the epitome of genteel style. Hat of Cain has a wide selection of Panama hats, each customisable, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Replace the jacket with a Layered Crepe Vest from Beyond the Vines as their sleeveless vest will give you much respite from the warm and humid weather. You can even wear it with a Linda Bralet by Stolen. Pair it with Pleated Culottes from Collate the Label and complete the look with a pair of contrasting black heels from Gena Singapore—Singapore’s first adjustable height heels. Highly versatile and comfortable to wear, women no longer have to suffer from sore feet at the end of the day.


Bianca Jagger’s Mummy Style

Even though Jagger was a mum, she was always on point—cool, effortless and elegant, she definitely made it look easy.

Ditch that mum-is-an-old-hag stereotype and show the “mummysphere” what you are made of. Don’t be shy and throw on a Belt Neck shirt with plunging neckline from Off White. Jagger loves her exquisitely tailored white YSL trouser suits and it is easy to see why. Highly versatile and snazzy, these Wool Suit Trousers from Mango will definitely go well with anything. The pleats will be extra helpful for elongating your silhouette. Carry along a J’dior Clutch from Dior , which will help add points in the chic department. Block off those looks of envy with the Camden Shade from Visual Mass and finish off the look with a Silver Leather Loafers from Pedro. This minimalistic yet detailed outfit will definitely bring the term “smart-casual” to a whole new level.


Bianca Jagger’s Festival Dressing

Coachella, Laneway and Ultra have one thing in common besides just being a music festival. It has become a fashion parade with revealing clothes and outlandish accessories. But who says you need to be loud to get attention? Jagger’s polished head-turner outfit at the Bardney Pop Festival might have been worn in 1972, but it is still an evergreen moment that continues to charm.

Try on this uniquely designed White Blouse with a Slit from Stolen, with a Fayza JoggJeans from Diesel to create the classic white top blue jeans look. Diesel’s JoggJeans Collection is designed with premium fabrics for effortless movement, flexibility, and comfort while ensuring the perfect fit. Next, drape over an Oversize Collar Cape from Burberry to get that desired Jagger Look. Don’t forget your Black Virgina lace-up Dr. Martens. Be creative with your accessories and Cane-art offers some super cool ones like no other.

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