September 25, 2018

What’s not to love about socks? At times, they’re purely functional, and at other times, they’re the statement that can make or break your outfit. They also happen to be the must-have accessory of the year. Future would know—he reportedly splashed $100,000 on socks at Gucci. That’s how obsessed he was. So if you’re thinking of being more adventurous (i.e. not playing it safe with the usual blacks or whites), here is a tasteful selection from patterns to florals that might make your ankles the star of the show.

Crystal interlocking G stockings, Gucci, $1,200

Imagine your grandmother and little sister being bored one afternoon and they started designing for Gucci. Bedazzled in the iconic G motif, these socks will help you to channel your inner private school girl vibes. They also complement your glittery headband perfectly.

Logo cotton-blend socks, Prada, $251

This Prada number combines a few elements of the classic dad socks. Geometric patterns? Check. An earth-toned colour palette? Check. Wool? Also, check. Every man should own a pair of these.

Martini Cotton-Blend Mid-Calf Socks, Paul Smith, $30

If you wear these under your oxfords and your dress pants don’t ride up too high, no one will ever know that you brought the party to work with you. Alternatively, they can be used as a great conversation starter at office parties—just make sure that they peek out at the right time. 

MF Socks, MOTHER, $24

A tongue-in-cheek version of the classic tubed schoolboy whites, these socks need no description. Your teacher might not approve, but everyone else certainly will.

Wiz Khalifa Pretty Nights Sock, Happy Socks x Wiz Khalifa, $14

Designed in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, these limited edition babies are perfect whether you’re spending a cosy night in or having a wild night out. The electric colours and eccentric prints promise to keep you funky and fresh all night long.

Oversized fishnet ankle socks, ASOS, $1.30

Welcome to a world where fishnet socks are a thing. They may not provide much by way of practicality, but pair them with a pair of pumps and channel your inner rock goddess. Dare to be bold. That’s what Madonna would do.


Hero Image: Happy Socks, MOTHER, Barneys