November 17, 2020

Bespoke Parisian haute perfumery house Maison 21G is adding a new product to its range of home scents with a revolutionary bespoke dual candle. The candle employs the company’s signature concept of scent duality by combining two half-moon-shaped scented candles to create an entire new room atmosphere through mid-air fragrance diffusion.

Each candle set consists of two half-moon-shaped candles with one scent each. These are to be combined to form a unique scented ambience once lit, as the candles’ fragrances blend together in the air. A stylish brass-plated holder in the company’s signature rounded square shape finishes off the elegant black matte candle set.

With scent creation at the core of the business, Maison 21G encourages its customers to design their own unique home atmosphere by choosing from a selection of 8 solo candle scents and combining two candles to create a beautifully decorative home object for outdoor and indoor use with the added benefit of enticing and uplifting aromas.

The individual scents available are sage, raspberry, sandalwood, rose, amber, cedar, fig and vanilla. Each half-moon refill can be easily switched out to create a new scent combination per the customer’s scent desires.

The scent designers of Maison 21G have created candle set recommendations for customers looking for some more guidance. These sets are Day Kickstarter with sage and raspberry, Mediterranean Escape with fig and vanilla, Sensual Evening with sandalwood and rose and Weekend Delights with amber and cedar.

All products are available on the Maison 21G website now.