April 18, 2017

Some people want to abseil down a waterfall, scuba dive with the sharks, or climb a volcano. But a beauty junkie’s bucket list will probably stray away from the conventional, and quite frankly, be a lot less hazardous. That being said, vanity comes with a price and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you got to be adventurous and game to try new products all the time. Here are some quirky beauty tools to own that will make Lady Gaga jealous.

One Two Lash | Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

For women who have worn fake eyelashes before, you would know how painful it can be after an hour or so of partying, and the worst scenario is when your eyelashes start to fall off mid-convo. That’s certainly not a pretty sight.

Enter One Two’s Magnetic Eyelash Extensions, the first false lash set which uses magnets instead of the usual glue adhesives. Named one of 2016’s “Best of Beauty Breakthrough” by Allure, the Magnetic Eyelash Extensions is definitely a game changer. Depending on your eyelash type, the kits come in four styles: Original (for an everyday look), Bold (for the dramatic ones), Accent (to add on to the outer corner lashes) and Filler (for a fuller lash look).

Since the lashes are magnetised, you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry again, and it is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, it also saves you the hassle of throwing away your lashes each time. Application can be tricky at first but with some practise, you will get the hang of it. Slide the two half-strips around your real lashes and sandwich them together with the attached magnets and Voila! Beautiful falsies minus the sticky mess.

Too Faced | Holographic “Unicorn Tears” Lipstick

Making its grand entrance into the market is the Unicorn Tears Lipsticks from Too Faced. Debuting late last year, among the many dramatic dimensional lipsticks, the holographic lipstick managed to make the Internet go crazy over it. With 20 shades to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Wear it on its own or layer it over any colour and you will realise that it really lives up to its magical name. If this does not make you feel fabulous, I don’t know what will.

MAC Cosmetics | Pizza Cutter Eyeliner

Just when you thought that eyeliners were just gel, pencils and liquids, MAC came out with a new and totally unexpected product—The Roller-Wheel Liquid Liner. Unlike the conventional eyeliner, this one has no brush or felt tip attached. Instead, a tiny spinning wheel can be found, earning the moniker, “pizza cutter eyeliner”. 

Michael Patterson, a New York City–based makeup artist who works with M.A.C, demonstrated the soon-to-be-released eyeliner on his Instagram showing how it creates razor-sharp lines with perfect precision. The pizza cutter eyeliner is expected to hit stores in Spring/Summer 2017.

Vamp Stamp | VaVaVoom Stamp

If your struggle to achieve that purr-fect cat eyeliner flick which always leaves your eyes red and watery, Vamp Stamp’s VaVaVoom Stamp is your remedy.

Here is how it works: first, you have to dip the stamp into an eyeliner pot. Next, line it up to the outer corner of your eye and adjust accordingly to the angle you want, and simply stamp it.

Who says you can’t be Catwoman?


THEUNSEEN | FIRE Color-Changing Hair Dye

Our last recommendation is technically not a beauty tool per se, but it has the ability to make you look fabulous. 

THEUNSEEN has created a hair dye named FIRE, which changes your hair colour dramatically depending on the surrounding temperature. One moment you could be a fiery red in the heat and the next, a cool blue when it is cold.

Although the dyes are not out in the mass market yet, the creators are looking for partnerships with beauty brands, so keep a look out for it.

Image credits: Too Faced, One Two Lash, Michael Patterson, Vamp Stamp & THEUNSEEN