July 23, 2019

Casio Singapore has released the new limited-edition GMW-B5000V with an aged finish, based on the full metal construction of the GMW-B5000D base model which was originally released in 2018 with a square shape.

The new GMWB5000V is a special model that reproduces the unique look of a watch that has been used for many years. The case and band are finished with black ion plating, which is partly removed to yield a distinctive, well-used look. The application of an aged finish to a constantly evolving GSHOCK masterpiece evokes the toughness of a timepiece that continues to survive and stand the test of time. The GMW-B5000V also comes with special packaging in colours that match the theme of the watch.

The GMW-B5000V is equipped with the same features as the GMW-B5000D base model, with Bluetooth connectivity and reception of radio wave time-calibration signals. The limited-edition timepiece also delivers superior practicality with features such as a high-luminosity full auto LED backlight and world time.

Retailing at S$1,349, the GMW-B5000V is available at all G-SHOCK Boutiques.