August 16, 2017

Dressing up for a date can be absolutely nerve-racking. Whether it’s the first or 100th date, the mere thought of wanting to make a good impression always gives me flutters in my stomach. For most people, the perennial question of “What should I wear?” is always on their minds, but with some advance planning and well-chosen, occasion-appropriate outfits, you will never have to panic anymore.

Agnes Low, more widely known as Aggylow is a must-follow for the fashion obsessive. Besides belting out tunes at bistros and bars around Singapore, the Campus Superstar alumni is also the founder of, and can often be seen modelling her own brand.

Agnes’ account is characterised by a colourful Korean-influenced palette, and it showcases her style and latest beauty haunts. Follow her to find out the latest trends and how to style pieces to perfection, from basic denim jacket to wide-leg patterned pants.


Local Tourists

Too often, we focus on travelling and learning about other countries, and forget what is offered at our own front door. Planning an itinerary and researching what to eat and where to go, you might discover a lot of things you did not know about a country. In the unique melting pot that is Singapore, you could find yourself visiting the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, before grabbing lunch at Zam Zam’s famous Indian cuisine, and ending the date in Kampong Glam.

Agnes: “On my first date, we went to the zoo but it ended up raining, which was a bummer. We had ice-cream as a consolation though, so it still ended up pretty well. For a day of strolling around town before dinner, I suggest dressing up with a little more polish. A cute skirt with cropped top matched with chunky heels will make up for an amped-up look that looks great throughout the day.”


A Date at the Farm

An escape to the farm, from rooftop gardens to crocodile farms to the farm with just everything, might just be the prescription getaway that you need from suffering “overcrowded-city syndrome”. You can even learn about nature and buy fresh produce to make a fantastic meal back home with your date.

Agnes: “For a date outdoors, it’s best to look casual yet cute. I prefer to be dressed in comfy cropped tops and denim shorts. Keep the outfit fun by accessorising—a headband might just do the trick! For a comfortable, fun date, don’t forget to match it with a pair of sneakers!”


Museum Hopping
Shed the notion that museum dates are boring and cold. Nowadays museums are interactive and might just appear at the most unsuspecting area. One good place to start with will be the Children Little Museum in Kampong Glam. Tucked away among shophouses along the stretch just outside the mosque, a museum like it is guaranteed to make a great conversation for you and your date.

Agnes: “I will definitely recommend going to the National Gallery, Universal Studios and Tiong Bahru district on dates. There are also some really nice cafes in Tiong Bahru to relax in. I would wear something flirty but smart, with an element of cuteness. Adding some flares or pleats to the outfit can upgrade a regular look.”


Movie Under the Stars

A drive-in movie date might seem like an idea from the 70s, when milkshakes and “going steady” were the trends du jour. But if you can track down one of these outdoor screens today, it will make for a killer date night. Fret not if you do not have a car, as you only need a picnic mat and radio before you are ready to go. Movie Mob is one of the few organisers in Singapore providing such ‘blast-from-the-past’ experiences. If you are up for a unique date, check out their Facebook page for upcoming screenings.

Agnes: “When your date night is to the movies, comfort is the ultimate key. It is possible to look good and comfy at the same time. Wear a straight-cut pants in a solid pattern or design, and pick your favourite top in a complementary colour. You will look smart without going over-the-top.”


Art Jamming

Not all of us are artists, but art jamming is a fun and unique way to get to know one another. You can either laugh at your date’s sheer lack of talent in the field, or end up marvelling at their Van Gogh-worthy work. Art jamming is definitely a stress-free and fun place for dates.

Agnes: “A date at a nice cafe and people-watching while the day goes by is my favourite thing to do. For a casual date like this, the ultimate goal is to achieve the effortless, “I just threw this on” feel. A great combination would be throwing together an oversized shirt with mid-length shorts and completing the look with flats or wedges. It’s important to be casual and feel comfortable.”