June 2, 2017

Music festivals aren’t just about the music anymore. They are fast becoming a fashion parade where peacocking is just as important as who’s performing. With Ultra Singapore around the corner (June 10 and 11), right in the middle of summer, it’s time to debut your warm-weather outfits. Although donning less might be the obvious choice, there are many ways to expose the right amount of skin and still stand out in a crowd.  

If you got too carried away by the upcoming music acts like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Tiesto, Showtek, and Steve Aoki, and haven’t had time to think about what to wear, fret not. We’ve talked to a few fashion enthusiasts who might know a thing or two about how to rock a festival look.  


Vanessa (@vaneszs.h)

“For Ultra, picking clothes that show the right amount of skin is crucial. One option to consider will be something backless and I would personally choose a romper as it is very fuss free and suitable for those who have reservations about showing their torso.

This lip print patterned romper is fun, bright and playful—allowing you to show off your bikini underneath. The white dress may be a safer option and you can’t go wrong with lace. For makeup, I’m going for a wild look. Bright glossy lips and eyeliner inelectric blue with golden or metallic eyeshadow will be my immediate picks. Don’t forget to add a layer of powder, so that your makeup will last through the night.”


Kim Min Pei Lam (@kiminpei)

“Dolling up for Ultra is definitely a call for excitement! We get to bust out pieces from our wardrobe that might not be so appropriate for other occasions. After all, it’s a music dance festival and girls just want to have fun. Think about an outfit that’s friendly for dancing in our tropical climate. It also helps to have a contingency plan, just in case it rains on your parade, literally. Ditch those ecru sneakers that were staples of last year—chances are they’ll end up muddy and dirty by the end of the night too. 2017’s all about opting for more practical choices. The return of gumboots, anyone?

The typical uniform for Ultra-goers consists of the bikini-top-under-a-tank and a pair of high waisted denim shorts. Break the mould with a one-piece bathing suit instead, with some bermuda shorts. Not only does this save you the trouble of wearing extra pieces, it also gives you the freedom to dance the night away!”


Natasha (@nntxl)

“As a fellow party goer, I look forward to Ultra every year! I would recommend wearing a floral headband with a basic tube top and a pair of shredded denim shorts. You won’t want your hair to be flying all around while you rave! Girls, you all know how annoying it is when your makeup smudges under the sun so I would keep it light and not put on too much makeup. Concealer is a must to cover my dark eye circles. Put on some eyeliner and mascara to brighten up the eyes and then set it with just some loose powder. Add some blusher, so you don’t look pale, and remember to apply sunscreen. If you love raving as much as me, you should know how important it is to be in comfy clothes.”


Leslie (@lesliepng)

“Be unique or go bold, the point is to stand out from the crowd. It’s going to be hot at Ultra and you would probably like to wear something thin and light, so that don’t get a heatstroke and your whole experience is ruined. 

I’m planning to wear something floral and pink, with either sandals or sneakers. To spice up my outfit, I might wear a bandana around my neck. Sunglasses are an important accessory at any outdoor festival, and I always bring a good pair along.”


Elizabeth (@elizabethboon)

“It’s hard to strike a balance between dressing up and keeping cool for music festivals in Singapore, since the weather can get unbearably hot. So, plan an outfit that’s comfortable and airy. Think loose tops and shorts. Forgo the heels—pick a pair of comfortable sneakers or sandals if you going to be on your feet the whole day. I know the phrase ‘let your hair down’ is thrown around a lot, but let’s face it, in this sweltering heat, you’re going to fling your drenched-in-sweat hair at some unfortunate stranger next to you. Try out different hairdos so that your hair isn’t in your face—a high ponytail, or bun can look amazing if done right.

To keep your hands free, carry a small backpack or crossbody satchel. Most importantly, dress with confidence. Have fun, and don’t do drugs.”