July 10, 2018

Women’s pants have come a long way since the days when Coco Chanel adapted them from their male counterparts. From silk to leather, printed or embroidered, they have evolved into a desirable wardrobe essential for both their practical and effortless appeal. The right pair will even get you through an entire day at the office, right till evening, be it dinner or drinks. So if you value comfort, yet still want to appear snazzy, here are 5 versatile pants for any occasion.

Chloe Tailored Pants

Styled for understated elegance, Chloe’s tailored pants have a distinct greyish-brown tint that creates a shimmery, luxe effect. If you fancy a straight cut, which naturally elongates your silhouette, these pants will do just that—don’t forget to throw on a pair of heels too.

Louis Vuitton Cotton Satin Cropped Pants

This pair of cropped pants implies that you don’t take yourself so seriously, and the added flare is just icing on the cake. Finished with light satin in a dark navy blue, keep your top simple with more neutral tones, and accessorize to achieve an elevated look.  

Alexander McQueen Cigarette Pants

These ‘lust red’ cigarette pants by Alexander Mcqueen epitomises the label’s knack for bold elegance. Tapered towards the ankles for a sharper fit, complete your outfit with boots and their matching double-breasted drape jacket to bring sophistication back.

Chanel Tweed Pants

If you like texture, Chanel is a master at creating to-die-for pieces. Their tweed pants are mixed with a lovely shade of white and silver—offering a classic and timeless quality. If you are heading out for the evening, diamonds or pearls will do just the trick for that much-needed pizzazz. 

Giorgio Armani Pure Silk Pants

These well-cut pants accentuate femininity with its soft silky flow and sultry lines. Slim fitted and tapered toward the kneecaps with a slight ankle flare, you can’t go wrong with either a floral blouse or a blazer as your outerwear. This is one essential staple you’ll want to add to your collection.

Image Credits: Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Giorgio Armani