April 12, 2017

Are you planning for your next trip? Aside from packing the essentials, it might be good to also prepare for the unknown—and what better way than to do it on your mobile phone? In a sea of apps, here are 5 useful ones that can help you navigate the streets, recommend popular local spots and even find you the nearest doctor.


Xe Currency Converter

This app helps to the calculate currency and foreign exchange rates immediately. Just enter the amount in the currency you wish to convert and it will give you exact currency. You can also preset a list of ten different international currencies that you can change anytime. This is especially handy l if you want to know if your moneychanger is giving you a good rate.


This translator features a clean readout in two parallel columns. There is a selection of languages like Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Icelandic, Kazakh and even Irish. No matter where you are going, you won’t have to worry about communication barriers.

Waze GPS Navigation

This app gives you real-time updates and live routing with road and traffic information. It uses a community based system so every Waze user including yourself will be contributing to the information pool as long as you have your app open while driving, walking or taking the public transport. Waze even has the ability to give you a friend’s ETA if you’re headed to the same destination, and you can take your arrival accordingly.

Yahoo Weather

Knowing the weather is important not just for planning what to wear but if you also need to map out your itinerary for the day, allowing you to switch up your outdoor activity just in case a heavy downpour is on the horizon. This app gives you a clear reading of hourly and weekly forecasts as well as the level of precipitation and movements of the sun and moon.



This app allows you to access a vast database of doctors and medical specialists and make a direct online appointment via the app itself. Use its location services to find the nearest doctor or arrange a house call to your preferred location if you happen to be staying at a hotel. If you’re ever ill while holidaying, you can take comfort in the fact that medical help is always available.